Following our benchmark, about 50% of the observed workstations are not being used, of which 15% are unassigned but showed signs of being used.  Did you know that running these workstations is the second highest cost faced by a company?  Can you imagine the potential savings?

Our analyse will show how workstations and meeting areas are used and whether their capacity matches your organization’s needs to optimise and reduce your costs but also to improve occupiers’ quality of live at work.

Thanks to our app and our on-site observers, we identify the different activity profiles which make up your “ecosystem”, in term of the use and the activities of workstations and meeting spaces. These steps enable you to optimise the productivity of your teams by providing them with sufficient purposeful space, and to identify areas which need to be developed.

You create, adapt or improve a work environment suited to your activities, while controlling your costs more efficiently.